What a brilliant performance by remarkable group of young artists.
  Judges had very difficult time to reach their decision.
  Winners’ recital and award ceremony is on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 2 PM.​
  We’ll email you information on Winners’ recital and selected pieces by Judges
  for you to perform.

Note:  No audio recording will be allowed during the competition and winner's recital. 
           Electronic devices are not permitted in the recital hall.
           Your performance will be video/audio taped by professional technical staff
           of Western Connecticut State University.  It will be available to all of you.
           We have been working with WMNR to air your performance once the quality

           of audio recording is acceptable.
  **Winning contestants must perform in the recital in order to receive their prize.  
  **Teachers must be present to receive award and judges’ comments.
  **We would like to hear any comments and suggestions from teachers and parents.

 ** Refreshments will be served after award ceremony.

Winners for 5th Annual J.Y. Park Piano Competition
Here are Winners. 

Junior Division
     First Prize:         
    Second Prize:    

    Third Prize:        

    Honorable Mention:   



Senior Division
     First Prize:         
    Second Prize:    
    Third Prize: